"A game changer for the industry"

Rami Yacoub, Music Producer/Songwriter

When people hear the difference that Dirac’s tech makes, they are blown away! When I was first introduced to Dirac, a Swedish company that’s literally inventing the future of sound, I knew it was a no brainer. I would love to see Dirac as the default in all sound interfaces. Their technology would be a game changer for the industry - Rami Yacoub.

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Dirac Live for Studio

Improve your studio acoustics without breaking the bank

Dirac Live for Studio belongs to the Dirac Live family of technology and software. It features Dirac’s patented algorithm to digitally reduce the room impacts and enhance the accuracy of sound reproduction, from timing and frequency response to imaging. You do not have to invest substantial time or break the bank to improve your studio’s acoustics.

Unrivaled audio optimization

As the most wanted digital room correction solution on market, Dirac Live tackles both time domain problems and frequency domain problems efficiently. Traditionally, acoustic room treatments have been used to address these issues; however, this method takes substantial resources and time, and still fails to resolve some of the key acoustical challenges.

Tailored to pro audio market

Different from Dirac Live for home audio, the solution is available as a computer software (Windows and macOS) that is not integrated in any hardware. It also features an audio plugin that can be installed in some of the most popular digital audio workstations. Once you complete the measurement and calibration of your studio, the correction filters can be stored in the audio plugin.

A calibration microphone is recommended for best results.
Recommended microphones


The audio plugin is compatible with most of the host applications that support VST, VST3, AAX or AU formats, such as digital audio workstations and certain media players. It is compatible with the following hosts:

  • Logic Pro X
  • Cubase 10
  • Studio One 4
  • Reaper
  • JRiver Media Center 25
  • Ableton Live 10
  • Pro tools

    Not tested with macOS Catalina

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