Digital Room Correction: Bringing Your Speakers to Life

New Dirac Live®

Since 2011, Dirac Live has been the industry’s reference audio calibration software for room correction. We developed a rock-solid solution that, with only minor tweaks and improvements, has remained second-to-none for more than 7 consecutive years – adopted by the market’s most well-known and best-regarded sound system brands.

However, though our best-in-class room correction system has remained relatively unchanged, our team has not. We’ve grown rapidly, investing in the resources required to invent the next-generation reference room correction system. Seven years later and we’re proud to announce the all-new Dirac Live platform and its corresponding mobile app that delivers a more user-friendly and swift audio calibration process.

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New Dirac Live®

Whats new?

  • Improved usability
  • Refreshed, modern user interface that features a simplified setup procedure
  • Enhanced Phase Correction algorithm for improved stereo reproduction
  • Available for ARCAM, AudioControl, Lexicon, miniDSP, NAD and StormAudio

Q&A on New Dirac Live®

with Jakob Ågren, Head of Product Management

The proof of all this pudding was in the listening, and it was delicious.
Kalman Rubinson
Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile
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