Dirac Live Bass Control

Multi-subwoofer bass management; Acoustical bass challenges finally solved using software!

While Dirac Live® addresses frequency timing issues across multiple speakers resulting in improved sound staging and better clarity and intelligibility in music, subwoofers – which produce the low-frequency bass tones – have historically gone unaddressed. Sound waves from speakers and subwoofers bounce throughout a space, colliding with one another to produce an uneven bass distribution throughout a room – good bass in certain areas, poor bass in others and no bass in others. This uneven bass distribution results in a suboptimal listening experience that varies based on one’s position in the room.

With the unique Dirac Live® Bass Control feature, we’ve solved the bass challenges represented by a room using software.


Dirac Live Bass Control

A home theater system is often comprised of both speakers and subwoofers. As a result, crossover areas exist where speaker and subwoofer sound waves overlap. This can create a muddied and unclear sound with uneven bass. With Dirac Live® Bass Control, the speakers and subwoofers cooperate with one another – creating one cohesive digital system – to mitigate against overlapping sound waves and eliminate these crossover areas. 

With Dirac Live® Bass Control, combined with Dirac Live®, both speakers and subwoofers are viewed as a complete system and the room’s speaker and subwoofer sound waves align with one another, ensuring a pure and balanced bass experience throughout the entire room.



Dirac Live® Bass Control provides a more personal way to interact with and customize one’s music and content. One can visualize and measure the audio experience more precisely, knowing that the tool they are using is backed by the science, research and evidence they appreciate.


Dirac Live®

Bass Control

  • Correction of areas with sound gaps (bass decline)
  • Smoother bass reproduction in the crossover area
  • Bass Management on multiple subwoofers
  • Flexible subwoofer placement in listening space
  • Visual representation of the predicted bass performance (subwoofer and speaker summation)
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