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NAD – C 658 / M 1O /T 758 V3 / T 777 V3

  • Calculate corrections for the full frequency range, 20Hz-20kHz
  • Improved staging (localization of sound events)
  • Better clarity and intelligibility in music and vocals

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Release date – Late 2O19

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What is Dirac Live?

About Dirac Live

If you’ve purchased a NAD C 658,  NAD M 10, NAD T 758 V3 or T777 V3, you’ve already experienced the power of Dirac Live room correction up to 500Hz. It’s simply one of the most powerful automatic room correction solutions available today, and produces stunning sound. But what happens if you want to go even farther? That’s where Dirac Live Full Frequency comes in.


Customize to Your Preferences—Even in Difficult Rooms

Dirac Live Full Frequency opens up additional capabilities that Dirac Live with the range up to 500Hz doesn’t offer.

Would you like to customize Dirac’s results to suit your own personal listening preferences? Do you have an unusual room or seating arrangement?

Dirac Live Full Frequency gives you the control you need to precisely tune for the best results.

Upgrade to Dirac Live Full Frequency , and you’ll enjoy the following capabilities:

  • Create custom Target Curves, apply them to specific speaker groups, then modify, store, and reuse them at will.
  • Adjust the Curtains (frequency ranges) where Dirac Live calculates corrections, and specify different Curtains for each speaker group.
  • Use third-party calibrated microphones. You’re no longer limited to the calibrated microphone we provide—with Dirac Live Full Frequency, you have a variety of microphones to choose from.
  • Create and rearrange speaker groups, rather than relying on the default groups assigned by Dirac Live.
  • Adjust test-tone levels individually for each speaker, which simplifies measurements if your amps or speakers are very different in terms of gain or efficiency.

Enjoy more flexibility, more control, and more options for stellar sound with Dirac Live Full Frequency.

Specifications - Dirac Live Full Frequency

System Requirements for:
– Dirac Live Full Frequency

On an Apple computer:
– Operating system: from MacOS High Sierra/Mojave
– At least 2 GB RAM (4 Gb preferred)
– At least 100 MB available hard disk or SSD space
– At least one USB port
– Network and Internet connection (WiFi or wired Ethernet)

On a Microsoft Windows computer:
– Operating system: Windows 10
– At least a dual core i3, i5, or i7 processor
– At least 2 GB RAM (4 Gb preferred)
– At least 100 MB available hard disk or SSD space
– At least one USB port
– Network and Internet connection (WiFi or wired Ethernet)

1) Certain firewall and antivirus programs may conflict with Dirac Live… – you may need to disable some firewall or antivirus programs temporarily when running Dirac Live
2) On some Windows computers, Dirac Live will need to be installed or run in Admin mode.

Terms and Conditions

  • Dirac Live Full Frequency will only work with the NAD C 658, NAD M 10, NAD T 758 V3 or NAD T777 V3.


  • Not The Original Owner?
    • If you purchased an NAD on the used market, the license for Dirac Live is not transferable from the original owner. If you’d like to use Dirac Live capabilities with your processor, you will need to purchase your own license for Dirac Live Full Frequency.

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