The config file

There are a few settings that can be set using a config file.

The config file should be named  “Dirac_Live_Processor.config”  and be located in the path:


on windows and

“~Music/Audio Music Apps/Dirac/”

on MacOS.

Example config file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <VALUE name="allowCustomName" val="1"/>
  <VALUE name="imagePath" val="C:\\Users\\wilare\\Pictures\\custom.png"/>
  <VALUE name="bypassWhenRender" val="0"/>
  <VALUE name="lfeAdd10dbGain" val="1"/>
  <VALUE name="restAPI" val="4711"/>

After changing a settings in the config file Dirac Live Processor needs to be restarted.


Allow Custom Name

<VALUE name="allowCustomName" val="1"/>

With this setting enabled double-click the Dirac Live Processor title bar will allow the user to change the name to a custom name that will be displayed when connecting to Dirac Live Processor from Dirac Live Application.


Image Path

<VALUE name="imagePath" val="C:\\PathToImage\\image.png"/>

Changes the image that are displayed when connecting to Dirac Live Processor from Dirac Live Application. The image should a 512×512 pixels png image.


Add 10db LFE Gain

<VALUE name="lfeAdd10dbGain" val="1"/>

Boost LFE signal 10db.


Bypass When Render

<VALUE name="bypassWhenRender" val="0"/>

When a DAW is processing offline, for example when mixdown a song, Dirac Live Processor filter is turned off by default. With this option Dirac Live Processor filter is active also during offline processing.


Rest API

<VALUE name="restAPI" val="Portnumber"/>

Dirac Live Processor can be setup to host a simple REST server, which exposes functionality to get and set filtering slot, speaker gain etc.


After after enable this setting you can test it from the command line using the commands:

curl -X PUT http://localhost:4711/api/filtering?enabled=0

to disable filter

curl -X PUT http://localhost:4711/api/active-slot?index=5

to select filter in slot number 5

See a more in depth RestAPI documentation here: restAPI.pdf

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